My first thoughts: Literally turnign dreams into reality.


I woke up last week KNOWING that I was going to Italy next week for Coworking Europe 2015 and that something amazing was going to come from it.

Now to be clear, at the time I woke up I had no physical plan in place for this trip. I had considered it a few months back but money was tight, and I didn’t know how I would pull it off with the kids. Over the last few months I had dropped the idea completely, in spite of the unraveling of a series of unpredictable events that made it completely possible.

Well, yesterday I made it official. I bought my tickets, and next Monday I set off on a solo trip in Milan Italy to learn and build connections with some of the most amazing and accomplished minds in my industry.

This happens to me a lot. I call it my “Morning Would” as in, what would happen if I actually did this (Ha! See what I did there?). I’m referring to that moment, somewhere between dreaming and coming back to reality, where you allow yourself the opportunity to dream out the possibilities of thing you might otherwise talk yourself out of.

In my experience, most of my best ideas came to me in the middle if the night. It’s like I just wake up with an image in my head of what’s going to happen and how it’s going to work out. Last minute travel plans, new business ideas, all sorts of good stuff. It’s normally a decision on something I’ve been noodling for a while that my subconscious mind makes up for me in my sleep, but sometimes it’s a totally original idea.

Well, I have learned to listen to that little voice I hear first thing in the morning because 9 times out of 10… She’s right!

In the middle of the night were brave enough to let our minds take us places that we would never otherwise go. We’re able to (literally) dream of ourselves as the best possible result of our actions… With a hugely successful business, on a TED stage, a famous blogger perhaps?

The thing is that it’s those end visions that are so motivating that they will pull you through. How often have you told yourself “Yeah but that will never happen to me” and so you dismiss an idea? Or maybe you get stuck spinning in circles of your own insecurities?

Well, someone recently told me “If you don’t ever try, there’s a 100% chance of failure.”

So my suggestion to you is to aim for the best case scenario BUT assess and come to terms with the worst. If the worst case scenario is something that you can handle, then take the leap. In this case, I figure a week alone with my thoughts in Italy is a pretty good “worst case scenario.”

This blog is a perfect example. At the time I’m writing this, I don’t have a single follower. And maybe I never will. BUT if I used that as an excuse not to write it there’s a 100% chance that no one will ever read my thoughts… Including my kids.

So going to keep writing. I certainly wouldn’t mind building a name for myself, particularly through a medium that allows people to see me transparently. But the worst case scenario is that I’m keeping a pretty damn cool and comprehensive journal for myself. One that my friends and family can read and see that all of these seemingly random things I pay so much attention to are simply¬†a catalyst for bigger life lessons.

Life lessons that change the way I see the world… and my place in it.

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