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The founder of a coworking space and a native of Madison, WI, Tiffanie Mark is an entrepreneur who embraces the art of balancing one’s eclectic interests and talents. Her mission is to bridge the divide between Madison’s budding entrepreneurial community, more established solopreneurs and small business owners, as well as individuals who need an opportunity to explore their own passion and talent.

Tiffanie has a degree in business from Alverno College but quickly learned was that the corporate world wasn’t for her. She couldn’t stomach  the idea of “checking your authentic self at the door,” when going to work every day. She also didn’t appreciate business slacks, rush hour traffic, long days away from her kids and the lack of vacation time for travel!

Before founding Matrix Collaborative Business Solutions, Tiffanie’s eclectic background included being a competitive ballroom dancer, sign language interpreter, musician/singer/song writer, EMT/firefighter, international travel guide, CNA, artist and yoga enthusiast.

This blog is a natural extension of Tiffanie’s own experiences. As a small business owner, and entrepreneur, a mother, a world explorer… a girl trying to find her place and be the change she wants to see in the world.

A big believer in collaboration over competition, Tiffanie promotes the philosophy that there’s enough for everybody — as opposed to the scarcity principle, where everyone’s out for themselves.

“We are all the sum of our parts — whether it’s being creative, analytical, a mom or dad, our spiritual self … Embracing all these parts helps us grow a more balanced life AND a sustainable business. Matrix is about doing this for ourselves, and helping others do the same.”

You can read more about Tiffanies vision for Matrix HERE

Tiffanie holds membership in Capital EntrepreneursExtreme Moms, Wisconsin Women’s Entrepreneurs SouthcentralDane Buy Local, is a Dane County Time Bank coordinator, and sits on the planning committee for the Collaborative Wellness Summit (hosted at Matrix), the HSDA Re-Prom and TEDx Madison


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